Hosting our Mini Claw Machines at your establishment offers a unique blend of entertainment, customer engagement, and additional revenue with a touch of social responsibility. These compact machines, occupying just 1.5 square feet of space, are not only an efficient use of retail area but also an exciting attraction for customers of all ages. They provide a fun and interactive experience that can increase foot traffic and prolong customer visits, enhancing overall satisfaction and repeat business. Moreover, the profit-sharing model we offer turns these machines into a passive income stream for your business with no upfront costs. In addition to these benefits, our commitment to contributing a portion of the earnings to charities like Care.org means that by hosting our Mini Claw Machines, you’re not only elevating the customer experience but also making a meaningful impact in the wider community. This combination of customer entertainment, revenue generation, and charitable giving makes our Mini Claw Machines a valuable addition to any business looking to enhance its appeal and contribute positively to society.

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But we don’t stop there. We go the extra mile to enhance the thrill and anticipation for your customers. Our mini claw machines can be customized to match your business’s unique ambiance and branding.

Let Worth It Vending bring the joy and revenue-boosting power of claw machines to your business. Contact us today at (561)318-0552 or Info@Worthitvending.com to explore how our mini claw machines can add a touch of magic and profitability to your establishment.

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Arcade Solutions

Discover the ultimate arcade ...

Beverage Vending Solutions

Quench Your Thirst with Our Beverage ...

Other Vending Options

Robotics Vending Machine Are Available Upon Request


Food & Snacks

We offer vending solutions for your staff and patrons. We offer selections of foods and snacks from the largest name brands down to the local niche brands, In most cases in one machine to ensure there is a selection for most dietary choices and needs while preserving space. Request a machine for your Breakrooms, Clubhouse, Hallway, Showroom, Etc. Today

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Drinks & Coffee

We stock every imaginable flavor of soda, from the traditional to the non-caloric. With a classic beverage program from Worth It Vending, you can provide your employees and patrons with access to refreshing drinks. Carbonated drinks, flavored waters, juices, etc., are all available for vending to your establishment. New product ideas from customers are always appreciated.

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Claw Machine

Looking to keeps kids and adults entertained...While making passive income for business? A claw machine from worth it vending is a option for you. Our machine take up a single square foot of real estate, less space then the modern ATM. Great for restaurants, bars, hotels, arcades, supermarkets, etc. We offer competitive commissions on our claw machines like all our machines we provide all the maintenance, cleaning, and products to keeps the machine running and looking its best!

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Merchandise Vending

We offer merchandise vending for non food items for items like batteries, electronics, toys, novelties, and more. Our merchandise vending machine are state of the art with cashless vending options with ability to accept apple and google pay transactions. While providing the elite service that were known for which is the topping up of all products, cleaning, and maintenance on all of our machines regularly.

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Specialty/ Bitcoin Machines

Bitcoin ATMs are self-service kiosks that enable customers to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using cash, debit cards, or other payment methods. Some automated teller machines that deal in bitcoins have functionality that allows users to buy bitcoins as well as sell them for cash. This feature is known as bi-directional capability. Request a machine in your storefront today

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