Providing Entertainment and value to our customers and thier clientele

The mesmerizing dance of the claw, its descent toward a sea of prizes, and the thrilling uncertainty of a win offer a captivating blend of suspense and excitement that keeps players hooked.

Positively impact customers' perception of time spent waiting

The presence of entertainment can have a positive psychological impact on your customers. The thrill and anticipation of playing the game evoke a sense of excitement, joy, and accomplishment. Studies have shown that such interactive experiences can enhance customer satisfaction, boost repeat visits, and generate positive word-of-mouth referrals. By offering this unique form of entertainment, you can create a memorable and enjoyable dining experience for your guests, setting your business apart from the competition.

Specialized service

We clean and maintenance our machines regularly to ensure reliability.

We competitively price our inventory to reduce food waste over profits

Since were independent we can offer name brands to locally sourced brands

we cater to any scenario our machines are dynamic

Our Selection

Vending & Entertainment



Worth It Vending is revolutionizing the arcade experience by offering free placement of our top-tier arcade games. Dive into a world of entertainment without the upfront costs, as we bring the latest and greatest arcade attractions directly to your venue, ensuring fun-filled moments for every guest

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Digital Advertisement/ Digital Menus

Worth It Vending is not just about vending experiences; we're evolving into the digital age. Beyond traditional vending, we now offer dynamic digital advertisement opportunities, seamlessly integrating your brand's message with interactive entertainment, reaching audiences in a fresh and engaging way

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Claw Machine

Worth It Vending proudly introduces our free placement program for our signature claw machines. Businesses can now enhance their customer experience with our engaging machines, without any upfront costs or fees, turning any space into an instant entertainment hub.

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Merchandise Vending

We offer merchandise vending for food and/ or non food items for items like batteries, electronics, toys, novelties, and more. Our merchandise vending machine are state of the art with cashless vending options with ability to accept apple and google pay transactions. While providing the elite service that were known for which is the topping up of all products, cleaning, and maintenance on all of our machines regularly.

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Free Delivery

We offer free shipping on all our contracted ...

Fast Installation

We install  our machines weeks, not months. ...

Frequent Maintenance

Our machines are maintained as weekly sometimes twice ...

The Experience

Seeking Testimony of our service quality? Find them here. Everything is transparent and straightforward for your sense of justifications.

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