Case Study 1: Increasing Return Customers
with Kids through Mini Claw Machines


In the competitive restaurant industry, attracting and retaining customers is crucial for sustained success. Seafood “A,” a popular restaurant located in Lake Worth, FL, faced the challenge of maintaining high levels of customer engagement and repeat visits, particularly among families with children. Seeking an innovative solution, they partnered with Worth It Vending to introduce a mini claw machine to their establishment. The results over the year 2023-2024 have been remarkable.


Seafood “A” is renowned for its fresh, high-quality seafood and family-friendly atmosphere. However, despite its popularity, the restaurant noticed a plateau in the number of returning customers with children. Recognizing the need to enhance the dining experience for younger patrons and their families, Seafood “A” decided to explore the potential benefits of installing an entertainment feature.


Worth It Vending provided a customized mini claw machine, designed to captivate and entertain children while their families enjoyed their meals. The machine was strategically placed in a visible and accessible area of the restaurant, ensuring it would draw attention without disrupting the dining experience.


The mini claw machine was installed in January 2023. Worth It Vending took care of all aspects of the installation, including setup, stocking the machine with appealing prizes, and regular maintenance. The machine was an instant hit with the restaurant’s younger patrons, providing them with an engaging activity while their parents dined.


Over the course of the year 2023-2024, Seafood “A” observed a significant increase in return customers with children. Key results included:

  • 36% Increase in Return Customers with Kids: The introduction of the mini claw machine led to a substantial rise in the number of families returning to the restaurant. The engaging entertainment for children created a more enjoyable dining experience for parents, encouraging repeat visits.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Families expressed high levels of satisfaction with the added entertainment. Positive feedback highlighted how the claw machine kept children occupied and happy, allowing parents to relax and enjoy their meals.
  • Boost in Word-of-Mouth Referrals: Satisfied customers began recommending Seafood “A” to other families, contributing to a broader customer base and increased foot traffic.


The strategic partnership between Seafood “A” and Worth It Vending has proven to be a resounding success. The introduction of the mini claw machine not only enhanced the dining experience for families but also led to a 36% increase in return customers with children. This case study underscores the value of integrating engaging entertainment solutions into family-friendly establishments to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Future Plans:

Buoyed by the success of the mini claw machine, Seafood “A” plans to explore additional entertainment options in collaboration with Worth It Vending. This ongoing partnership aims to continuously innovate and enhance the customer experience, ensuring Seafood “A” remains a top choice for families in Lake Worth, FL.